The storm has passed, as they say.  Yes, there was a lot of snow. BUT:

-we didn’t lose power

-we were warm

-we had food      (I would like to say I did NOT buy bread and milk..for the record).

And ya know what? Yes, I did have to shovel myself out of my house and it did take a long time. But after the kind of weather and terrible conditions the country has been faced with over the past several years, this really wasn’t so bad.

Last night I left the light on in my bedroom so I would know if the power went out if I woke up during the night. It never went out! I was so relieved. In the morning, the house was still warm and I knew there would be coffee. Oh yes, lots of coffee.

It was actually one of the more productive days I’ve had in the past week! I had three phone meetings, got some writing done, made new plans, even got booked for more work! All without ever leaving the comfort of my home, except to shovel outside. It’s past 11 right now and I am exhausted but it’s a lovely exhausted. The kind where you feel good knowing that the day was awesome.

Even though New England cold generally makes me cringe in anticipation and I am normally freezing throughout the year as it is, I was so grateful for this snowstorm. Because it reminded me of all of those lovely luxuries I have on a daily basis that I admit to taking for granted here and there.

From the pellet stove to the lights, computer (that’s a whole another blog post), warm food (and tea. and hot cocoa), there is so much to be grateful for before I even leave the house in the morning.

So some people are all “this storm was weak!” and I’m all “Super happy it wasn’t any worse”

Also, CL&P trimmed all the trees on my street two weeks ago so that helped.

I just hope you all are warm and safe and feeling appreciative for what you have on this snowy evening.

To the kids: I know a lot of you already have school canceled tomorrow. So. Enjoy that.

To my film people out in LA: Yeah, well. I have nothing to say to you.

Have a warm and safe week everyone.