Marsha Howard Karp and me, holding the illustrious Marsha Karp statuette of awesome.
Marsha Howard Karp and me, holding the illustrious Marsha Karp statuette of awesome.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a guest on “Cameras Rolling,” Marsha Howard Karp’s talk show where she interviews entertainers about how they make their careers work.

On the gorgeous spring day, I was happy to reflect upon what the past couple of years have been like for me. I often tell friends and family who are feeling stuck..”Think back to where you were five years ago to this day. Did you have any idea that this was where you’d be?” I had a moment of deep gratitude yesterday morning as we talked about the industry, the challenges, and the beautiful moments that come out of it. I was grateful for my perseverance. If I had told myself five years ago that this was where I’d be, I don’t think I’d believe it.

Of course, this is all a journey and we each need to take one moment at a time. But I think taking a step back every now and then is a great way to keep it all in perspective and to remind yourself that you’re doing all right. In fact, you’re doing great. I witnessed my own path yesterday and realized it’s always been there We just need to pay attention to what rings true for us, and not necessarily everyone else.

Where were you five years ago, and what have you discovered about yourself since then?

NOIR…”Holding” style!

NOIR…”Holding” style!

This was a collaborative, incredibly exciting film shoot.  I directed the episode and with the help of my crew and cast, we were able to shoot two distinct scenes in exactly 2 takes.  Obviously there were multiple takes, but the end results are essentially two separate takes.

The final splashy noir element was the music, created by composer Ed Green, who delighted me with his addition to the end result, edited by the “Holding” DP, Casey Preston… “Breaking Down, Pt. II”

I hope that through the movement, design, and acting, our “Holding” followers fully enjoy this episode!

Today I have already received great feedback about the editing, as well as some feedback that one person thinks it’s the funniest one yet!

To me, the greatest experience of this was the journey with my freaking amazing, flexible and MULTI-talented crew and cast.  It’s just the cherry on the top to share it with all of you.

Have a great weekend!

“Ian and the Bishop” film premiere

Myself and Ryan Brady at the screening for the film he wrote, and directed, in which we played the male and female leads.

Sunday was the premiere screening at Madison Art Cinemas. It was very successful and we were all happy to share the film with friends and family. There was laughter throughout the screening, which was a very good sign, of course! Here’s hoping it hits some festivals soon!