The story of Kiki, Michael Bolton, and my converse.

I currently temp at Connecticut Public Broadcasting.  This is the parent company of CPTV and WNPR.  So it’s PBS television station and an NPR affiliate station.

I work in Member Services.  Most of my job entails me answering the phones.  Here’s what I say:

“Connecticut Public Broadcasting.  This is Casey speaking. How may I help you?”

Pretty basic, am I right?

I would also like to point out that I am a professional actor. I was classically trained to act and well…to SPEAK properly.  You know, enunciate words with finesse. That kind of thing. 

For some reason, though,  this is the response I get, on average 5-8 times a week.


“Oh well hello Tracey”

“Good morning, Kiki,I really need your help.”

“All right, Kelly. Thanks for your help.”

“Katie, this is Mr. So and So and I’m angry about such and such.”

I mean it’s actually gotten to the point where I turned to my friend Jennifer and said, “I’m sorry…but do I not pronounce ‘Casey’ correctly?” And she assured me that no, I say my name just fine.  Phew!  I have been saying my name correctly all these years.

I used to correct people, but then it became a battle of “Casey.” “Tracey?” “Casey.” “Stacey?” sigh.

Now I just let people think whatever they want.  Or, I should say, HEAR whatever they want.

Then it all came full circle for me when I realized that people don’t like the name “casey” for a woman.  It sounds funny!

Two days ago on the phone, this older woman said, “Casey?  In my youth, Casey was only a boy’s name. How peculiar.”  And I explained how well gee, my mom must have been so progressive.

That just happens often enough, that I felt the need to share.

I also feel the need to share that random people are usually in the studio or in the building. I mean, obviously.  It’s a radio and television station.  But on Wednesday someone said, “Oh, Michael Bolton is in the other room.” And that’s when it struck me how random the days can turn out to be at CPTV.

myself, Michael Bolton, and Allegra Itsoga after Mr. Bolton's concert. Hey, it was our job to go.

My friend, Allegra and I, had to work one of his concerts last year for CPTV.  We didn’t say much, but he was very friendly.  Fun fact:  Michael Bolton and I were both wearing converse. 

And that reminds me…Actor’s Green Room was holding a contest for most creative Valentine’s Day poem, and I was one of the winners!  Because um yeah, I rhymed about my converse.

There you have it.  Bet you didn’t think I could tie all three of those subjects together, but I did.

Happy Friday, kids.