Sometimes it’s just a thought, a word, a small…action.  Sometimes you have a stray thought in the back of your mind, and a friend or a family member, seemingly out of thin air, picks it out and lays it on the table.

Folks, I’m telling you, I had one of these experiences recently.

See, it normally takes me a long time to make an important decision.  I weigh all of my facts, pros, cons, circumstances, usually until I want to cry from mental exhaustion.  I envy the people who go through life on impulsive decisions.  Sure, they’re bound to smack their head into a couple of brick walls, but at least they JUST DO IT.

Don’t get me wrong…once I make a decision, it’s full throttle, 100% I’m completely in.  But until then…

Okay, okay.  SO…a few days after Christmas, Dillon and I got together with some two of my college friends.  We spent some quality time with their new baby.  (She loved my obnoxious shirt and sparkly dangly earrings!)  It was lovely, needless to say.  We ate Thai food, we chatted about life, acting, what’s up next for us…you know, the basic catching up with friends-type-thing.

Later on, I was talking alone with my friend Ali.  She said something that was so utterly perfectly what I needed to hear, that I nearly combusted into flames of joy.

Okay so I have probably intrigued you a bit and you want to know the specifics.  For now, that is not of importance.  However, what is important is that the very thought that had been slushing around in my brain for a long time was picked up by a good friend who somehow said what I needed to hear.

After that day I couldn’t help but notice that my thoughts were building and coagulating around this one trigger, so to speak.  One thing lead to another and I was on the brink of making a decision…

It wasn’t until New Year’s Day when Dillon, his brother, Jacob, and my two friends from New Hampshire were sitting down with us at a diner having breakfast.  I don’t think they said anything in particular, but as I looked across at my friends, took in my surroundings and shoved a hot forkful of homefries in my mouth, that I realized…wow…Timing + friends + love = inspiration.

It’s times like these when I realize again (and..again!) that these things do not happen by accident…they happen for a reason!  I think one of the reasons we are here is to be inspired to be our best selves.  People say “happiness” is the reason and I say YES exactly!  For me, when I finally make a decision about myself, my life, who I want to be, who I want IN my life…I am so incredibly happy.

So just a thought for you all.  This year, really LISTEN to the people around you.  Not the haters or negative bags of bloat.  But when someone you love or trust says something from the heart…listen.  Because you never know.  It may be just the thing you needed to hear.