Embracing the moment

I knew what I was going to name this post before I even knew what exactly I was going to say in it!

I am still whirling and bopping from a fantastic weekend at the Mark Twain Museum Writer’s Weekend. I met fabulous people, including a fast friend who floats on the same wavelength as me. I heard a lot of words. I felt a lot of feelings. I was inspired.

I got a call last week informing me that I was invited to callbacks during the writer’s weekend. I embraced the moment and asked to be seen earlier in the day. Easily arranged. It was a gorgeous day and I kept the windows rolled down as I drove from the shoreline to Hartford after my audition. It was sunny and I sang along loudly to my shuffled iPhone playlist.

I went to a ton of workshops that day, but I kept my eyes open and went with the flow. I met Neil Labute, one of my favorite playwrights. I asked questions, I spoke without fully articulating my thoughts beforehand (also known as normal, improvised conversation.

In between the day and the keynote address, I sat with some new friends outside on the sun-soaked steps and drank cabernet sauvignon from plastic cups. I talked about theater, acting, writing. It couldn’t have been better.

Sunday morning, however, I was exhausted. I was sort of amazed at myself. How in the hell could I be so tired? I honestly don’t know, but I think it may have had something to do with the new environment and being inundated with tons of people and new ideas.

Over peanut butter and jelly, we talked about all kinds of things related and non to writing. I scurried inside for my last workshop, completely enamored with my new journey.

Last night I went to a book signing at the Mark Twain House (again) for a book talk and signing for the book “Redeployment,” by Phil Klay. My writer friend and I sat with her husband and listened in to a dynamic talk. I had heard Phil on the Diane Rehm show and was moved by his words and his eloquence, so when I heard he was coming I marked it down.

I saved a lot of my remarks for the diverse crowd for until afterwards,  when I blurted all my thoughts out to the author as we stood second to last in line.

Afterwards, my friend and her husband suggested that we go out for a drink at The Half Door. Irish through and through, I said yes. 🙂


This morning, I went to a dealership to bring my car in for some work on the brakes and to remove a cabin air filter that I was later told “was awful…I think there were mouse hairs in it.”

I sat down, armed with a large coffee and my laptop, and a journal, and wrote. I worked a little here, I worked a little there, and applying the process of doing a bit every day and REALLY doing it, I felt fantastic. I started this new practice on Monday and I have been keeping it up ever since. It’s easier to keep a promise to yourself when you have fun with it. I tend to like to binge on my “office hours” and work like crazy. But I am starting to truly embrace (see how I am bringing it full circle?) the theme of life I have been striving for and sometimes failing and sometimes succeeding at, for years. We touched on it a bit this week on our podcast, about how to live an artistic life. Some people may be able to compartmentalize their lives, but I don’t recommend it. I have tried that before and found that it is extremely limiting. Instead, why not find a way to embrace the artist, the chores-doer, the daughter, the creative, the multi-tasker, and find a way to blend it into one fine day at a time?

This for me, has meant unplugging and also using this great new app that Dani Shaprio recommended this weekend, called Freedom. If anything, it’s more of a starting place to learn to unplug from distractions.

Embracing the moment of the day for me means giving more time to myself and allowing my needs to come first. They come before I check my email, texts, social media. I do what i need to at the start of the day, so I am able to enjoy everything else without the stress.

My good friend, John Henry Soto texted me today because he saw that Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson are going to be doing a book reading and signing this evening only 36 minutes from my house!! I have been wanting to see them at an event for awhile. John first mentioned their work to me last year and I have been following them on twitter and instagram. Truly inspiring people who have lived amazingly creative and relatable lives.

As I stood outside in the warm sun doing yoga on my deck, I was so grateful to be connected to such amazing people who have such excellent timing. I believe that when you are aligned with yourself and ready to receive, timing all works out for the best.

SO. I am heading there this evening. Admittedly, I haven’t finished their book that my library director sister gave me first dibs on, and it’s last minute, but again…Embracing!!

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