The storm has passed, as they say.  Yes, there was a lot of snow. BUT:

-we didn’t lose power

-we were warm

-we had food      (I would like to say I did NOT buy bread and milk..for the record).

And ya know what? Yes, I did have to shovel myself out of my house and it did take a long time. But after the kind of weather and terrible conditions the country has been faced with over the past several years, this really wasn’t so bad.

Last night I left the light on in my bedroom so I would know if the power went out if I woke up during the night. It never went out! I was so relieved. In the morning, the house was still warm and I knew there would be coffee. Oh yes, lots of coffee.

It was actually one of the more productive days I’ve had in the past week! I had three phone meetings, got some writing done, made new plans, even got booked for more work! All without ever leaving the comfort of my home, except to shovel outside. It’s past 11 right now and I am exhausted but it’s a lovely exhausted. The kind where you feel good knowing that the day was awesome.

Even though New England cold generally makes me cringe in anticipation and I am normally freezing throughout the year as it is, I was so grateful for this snowstorm. Because it reminded me of all of those lovely luxuries I have on a daily basis that I admit to taking for granted here and there.

From the pellet stove to the lights, computer (that’s a whole another blog post), warm food (and tea. and hot cocoa), there is so much to be grateful for before I even leave the house in the morning.

So some people are all “this storm was weak!” and I’m all “Super happy it wasn’t any worse”

Also, CL&P trimmed all the trees on my street two weeks ago so that helped.

I just hope you all are warm and safe and feeling appreciative for what you have on this snowy evening.

To the kids: I know a lot of you already have school canceled tomorrow. So. Enjoy that.

To my film people out in LA: Yeah, well. I have nothing to say to you.

Have a warm and safe week everyone.

“Be with those who help your being.”

Growing up, I always had a lot of friends. I was friends with “nerds,” with “Jocks,” with “bad” kids, with “Popular kids.” People just seemed so interesting to me. I think this served me a lot in my formative years because I was so tolerant of people in general. The thing is, when you are willing to attract all types, it means that you aren’t discerning who you draw into your life.

I’ve had amazing friends. I have had friends who were casual acquaintances who sometimes meant more to me than people I hung out with on a regular basis. I had “best friends” because they insisted. I had people who crossed the line so far I pretty much never spoke to them again.

I personally had to learn for myself that I didn’t need to be friends with everyone. It took me awhile to realize this. People would call me, take up my time on the phone and in coffee shops, complaining about this or that, slowly dampening my resolve and sunshiny attitude I had cultivated for the day. I felt that if only I could keep spewing positive messages, maybe a few of them would stick and I would be able to help people live better lives!

But here’s the truth: I deserved better than that and so do you. If you feel that you “owe” it to someone to be their friend, even if they make you unhappy or feel bad about yourself or the world, then they aren’t really your friend and you owe it to YOURSELF to make the best of where you are at and eventually let the friendship fade away.

The rewards are worth so much more. When I stopped caring so much about how I appeared to be for everyone else, I attracted people who were looking at life the way I wanted to. That’s a beautiful thing because a handful of strong people against a hundred whiny, unhappy people will always win.

If you are an artist or performer, then this applies doubly for you. The business is full of people who are racing to get ahead. Some people will use you. Some will try to freak you out. So when you find someone who wants to uphold you instead of compete with you, someone who wants you to succeed as much as they want to succeed themselves, STICK with those people!

Maybe you’re at a place where you feel that you are the negative one and your friends are no longer connecting with you. That’s okay too. It’s knowing where you are and realizing that you can always have your life be better: better job, better friends, better situation. But it all starts on the inside. Feeling better about yourself and looking at life with a sense of wonder will help everything else fall into place.

It doesn’t make you a bad person to want to be happy. Actually, it makes you a good person. Because when you are happy, so are the people around you. Eventually, the sour patch kids (cause everyone really IS sweet deep down..I like to think so anyway) will be inspired by your success.

This weekend I came across a Rumi poem that inspired me to write about this. Here it is:

Be with those who help your being.
Don’t sit with indifferent people, whose breath
comes out cold out of their mouths.
Not these visible forms, your work is deeper.

A chunk of dirt thrown in the air breaks to pieces.
If you don’t try to fly,
and so break yourself apart,
you will be broken open by death,
when it’s too late for all you could become.

Leaves get yellow. The tree puts out fresh roots
and makes them green.
Why are you so content with a love that turns you yellow?


Don’t settle. Be your best self. Have a great week, everyone.

Building without Nails

Hope you all are having a warm and cozy Saturday! I am drinking some black tea right now and finishing up this short documentary I think you should check out.

It’s all about buildings in Japan that have been made without nails or bolts. There is a store in Manhattan, Miya Shoji, where they build furniture by hand…the wood is held together by joints. Very interesting. It makes me appreciate the beauty of the architecture all the more.

Enjoy 🙂


Lately I have had to come up against the topic of control.  The word means different things to different people, but ultimately, everyone wants control of their own lives. Sometimes that includes control of others, resources, and of course that can escalate from an esoteric idea of control to a full blown crisis.

When you think about it though, we don’t really control very much. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t know what the weather is going to be outside. You don’t know if someone is going to punch you in the face before you even have your first cup of coffee. You go through the day and you can’t predict your workflow or how people are always going to treat you. We all know that we CAN control HOW we deal with the situations that are dealt us. We can be the victim. We can change our attitudes. We can look at the transient nature of life and decide to embrace it.

But what about other people? Think about the people who you live with. Think about your family. Your spouse. Your boyfriend. Now think back to the last twenty four hours. When was the last time you tried to control someone?

I know that most of you are probably recoiling at the thought. “Hrrmffph! I would NEVER try to control someone else.” Oh yeah? Really?


Here’s where things get dicey when it comes to control. You are in full control of the choices you make and how you want to live your life. Even if you aren’t “100% there yet” you still have control of the direction your life is going. So what happens when we bump into someone saying, doing, or simply EXISTING in a way we don’t like? Usually most of us don’t go around angrily kicking each other or screaming so loud we spit on each other at business meetings. No, instead, it’s usually quite subtle.

Someone parks in your spot. When someone uses your bathroom, they put the toilet paper on the “wrong” way. Someone does something you would never do. Someone engages in behavior that bothers you.

So you comment on the parking spot. You argue about the right way to stick the toilet paper roll on the hook. (or whatever). You suggest to someone that they might want to approach life “a little differently.” You make passive aggressive comments about someone’s diet or exercise or lack thereof.

When we lack control in a situation, we generally as humans try to find ways to correct it. BUT WHY?! Why do we want and feel that we have a need to control a situation or person or place or thing?

Control makes us feel like we matter.

I’m guilty of this as much as the other person. When I was younger it was a lot worse. My budding type A personality would not settle for anything less than an A, and the solution was usually just work harder for better results. That sufficed for a long time. But that doesn’t always work. Feeling in control is great, but what about when you think you are in control and an outcome is created that is less than desirable?

I have found that when I am at my happiest is when I let go of control. It is tempting to attempt to control people and situations in our lives, but in reality we can’t really do that. If we just let go of the idea that we can make others do what we want through sheer will power, a burden is instantly lifted.


                 I appreciate quotes like these because it’s a reminder that not only do you not have to justify yourself to others, but the same applies for others and yourself. Just because you are a family member or best friend or spouse of someone, does not mean that you can run their lives. Telling and suggesting someone what to do may seem like a harmless thing, but over time, it causes more harm than good.

                Instead, worry about yourself. Put your best energy out there. LIVE YOUR DREAM. Set the example. Because when others are ready for change, they will feel and be pulled towards the impact you are creating. But it’s when they are ready. And some people will fall out of your life. But the ones who really matter will stick around. And new people will keep coming.

                This applies to the entertainment industry as well. So many people think that worrying about a role or a project and how it will be perceived will actually control the outcome. In reality it just ties you in knots and keeps you from focusing on your joy and the present moment. So put yourself out there. Be in control of your emotions and what you project. But as for the rest?


                I needed to remind myself of this today. So I thought I would remind you too. Remember, we can’t control anyone or anything except for who we are in the world. And that’s the best and only type of control we should ever really want. Because when you take care of yourself, everything else falls into place.


Good afternoon,

Welcome to The New Blog’s FIRST recipe of 2015. It’s a good one. It’s easy. It’s filling. It’s cheap. It’s vegan.

Cajun Chickpea wraps.

You will need: 2 15 oz cans of chickpeas (makes 2-3 servings. 1 serving = two mini wraps)

A package of mini flour or corn tortillas

A package of hummus

Cajun Seasoning

Olive Oil

Preheat your oven:


Next, open your garbanzo beans and rinse them. Spread them out on a baking sheet or pan:


Some people like it extra spicy. Like me. You can go easy on the Cajun Seasoning or go to town! You can also make your own blend with cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.


Throw that shizzle in the oven for 30 minutes.

While that’s cooking, you can warm up your tortillas either on a pan (no oil) for thirty seconds on each side, or heat them up in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes, wrapped in aluminum foil on 350 degrees.


Chickpeas help lower cholesterol.

They promote healthy blood pressure.

29% of your DV of protein comes from ONE CUP of Chickpeas!

They are full of fiber and very filling!

I chose to make a baby spinach salad with this as this dinner is obviously requiring very little effort and I like to make sure I get some sort of greens in with every meal.

DING! they’re ready! Make sure to slap on some hummus (or tahini) in the tortilla. Then pour on some chickpeas!



I know. It seems like a small dinner. I ate two of these with the salad and I could barely finish my second one. The hubby ate three no problem. These are very filling and very tasty. They should be chewy and spicy. For vegetarians this is a viable option for when you are craving something substantial and full of protein.

Voila! Told you. Easiest Recipe Ever.

Let me know what you think!