Something’s Brewing with Judy Beedle!


This week on “Something’s Brewing” we interviewed one of my favorite people of all times…Judy Beedle! She is a fun and hilarious person to be around, not to mention a very talented photographer. Judy and I met on a film set about 7 years ago and since then we have gotten together for parties, photo shoots, and you

Judy works and lives in Portland, ME. I have a lot of family from Maine, so I am familiar with the area. This summer while my family was up there, I decided to get a head shot and photo session in with Miss Judy. You know those friends who you see once every few years and it’s never awkward or weird, and you just pick right up where you left off? Judy is one of those kinds of friends. I’m super lucky to have people like her in my life!

I really hope you have a moment to sit down and enjoy our podcast. This week it’s two actors and a photographer and some interesting and at times off topic conversation. To me, those are the best kind!  You can learn more about Judy and if you are an actor, about head shots, here:

And of course…check out the latest and subscribe!!


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