New Style Blog Coming in the New Year!

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all cozy and warm whatever part of the country you are in! I wanted to let you know that upon much consideration and feedback from several people, my blog will be changing in the New Year. It’s still going to include my actor updates, but it’s going to incorporate more lifestyle tips, techniques, and my overall opinions on healthy food, products, music, and what I generally find interesting. I want to share more of the gems I have been finding.

People who I am friends with know me to be someone who gets very excited about sharing new health studies, tips for health and beauty and generally anything with good vibes attached to it. As I have already enjoyed making videos for, I am going to expand into this arena with my own personal style and approach.

By subscribing to my blog you will get emails each time I make a new post (which will be twice a week, likely at least one video). You can also leave questions in the comment section or email me personally with questions or topics you would like me to cover.

I am really excited about this and I hope you are too!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving. I have so much to be grateful for and i hope you feel the same.



Plugging Poets!

This past weekend I wrapped up my show, “Plays and Poetry,” at East Haddam Stage Company. We had a total of TWELVE performances, with an amazing audience ranging from friends and family, to celebrated poets, writers, and theater professionals.

Some of my favorite kind of work is ensemble work where each actor has the opportunity to portray various characters in different ways…That was exactly the experience I had!

I had the opportunity to perform two poems by Angela Mendez, “Until My Pen Dies,” and “Apples and Oranges.” I loved both of them for their raw feeling and simplicity. I don’t know much about this poet except that she passed away several years ago at the age of 35. Every time I performed, I held the intention to honor her memory and channel the energy she intended for her pieces. It was an absolute thrill as an actor to perform such lovely and varied pieces. I encourage you, if you hold an interest for poetry, to check out some of her work.

In addition, we performed a REALLY FUN play called “Poets Don’t Drive Porsches” by Reggie Mara, who turns out to be a really fascinating person! He came to the show (as did many of the poets) and was a very cool guy. You can find out more about him here:


Lastly, another lovely poem I performed with actress Rayah Martin, called “Garden Hussy Sympathizer,” was written by Jacqueline Devlin. She is very sweet with some fun and edgy poems. You can learn more about her here:

Thanks to the East Haddam Stage Company for allowing me the opportunity to be exposed to, as well as to perform, such a range of interesting work.