things I love about running:

– it’s a practical workout.

– it’s free

– runner’s high

– the detox

– being outside

– the challenge

My sister and I have been training for the Manchester Road Race.  Yesterday I reached 3.25 miles, the longest I have ever ran.  For some people that may be something to laugh at, but for me it’s a big deal.

Note of honesty: I actually thought the MRR was a 5k. incorrect.  It is 4.748 miles.

Nothing like an added challenge, right?


3 thoughts on “Running.

  1. You forgot the following benefits:
    shin splints,
    oxygen debt,
    heat exhaustion,
    and getting tangled up in your freaking German shepherd’s leash when he runs joyously in circles around your ankles and then licks your face when you topple to the pavement and land on your sixty-year-old arse!
    In actuality, I run/walk/jog/joggle three miles every morning, and I DO experience all the good feelings that you list here.

  2. I get it but…Things I hate about running:

    1. Sweat happens and sweating is my least favorite thing to do on earth. I would rather be in a fight with an ostrich than sweat, which is a guaranteed loss.
    2. I have to stretch beforehand and somehow every second I am actively elongating a muscle feels like an absolute eternity. Stars die faster than I stretch.
    3. The outside is hot. Hot is bad. Bad is the opposite of good.
    4. That even with all of that I still do it because it’s the absolute best way to live a longer and healthier life.
    5. Also I like eating double cheeseburgers around 2am most weekends and running a few times a week helps me justify it to myself.

    1. 1. I’m weird because I love sweating. You could call me a hippie but all I think about, when not thinking about how badly I want a shower, is YAY release of toxins!
      2. I cannot stretch beforehand. How do you do that? It’s too painful. I do some rotations but save the stretching for the end, when I pretty much want to die. I guess that part does suck.
      3. the heat makes me feel like running in the fall won’t be as bad. But mostly I can’t breathe when the air quality is this bad.
      4. Amen.
      5. While I don’t eat cheeseburgers, as you know, running does make me feel better about my eating habits. Justification ftw!

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