A little latté never hurt anyone.

Last weekend, we got a puppy.

She’s a chipoo. Aka wapoo.  aka chipoodle.  aka poochi.

We named her Latte because she is…because she is THIS!


She is cream colored, with sporadic bursts of energy, and she has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.  Much like lattes.

You see, I just had the most amazing summer.  I worked every week from Mid-may through two weeks ago, anywhere from 10-58 hour weeks.  AMAZING. I paid off debt, I was on set constantly, life was good.  But BOY was I exhausted.  I basically didn’t sleep until the end of the summer.  

So Dillon and I actually had time last weekend to you know..hang out!  Be a married couple!  Run errands!  And I promise you, I promise you, the “craziest” our Sunday was supposed to get was the farmer’s market, heading to Best Buy, and oh…maybe getting me some new Ray Bans.  But it was a beautiful day and one of us got it into our heads that it would be a fantastic idea to go see some dogs.

The problem with this was…this time, we were prepared.  We did our research, we figured out which dogs are hypoallergenic, and we had seen a few different pups over the summer.  This time, I had a strange suspicion it would be different.

We walked into the pet store, drawn to a Yorkie.  We left, and tried to find other places to find dogs, but I said, “Well..maybe we should just go back one more time and look at the Yorkie.”  So we go back.  We look at the Yorkie.  But..she didn’t seem too interested.  Not only that, but she was..kinda boring.  I felt a little disappointed, but I took one more stroll past all the little doggies in the window and my eyes stopped…on this one particular breed of cream colored beauty. I said, “Hey Dillon, what about poochis?” Never heard of them before.  So, there we stood, each of us on our iphones, looking up as much information on these breeds as possible.  They both checked out.  So we took the poochi out.

She played with us.  She ran, she hid..she gave…both of us…lots and lots…of kisses.  After the glow of puppy love started to leave my eyes, I realized..oh crap. If we get this dog, we have to TAKE CARE OF IT.

I’ve never really taken care of anything by myself.  My sister begged for dogs when we were kids.  We got to feed them or walk them but as what always inevitably happens, the parents end up taking care of the pets.  Cause kids suck.

This. was serious business.

What did I do?!

I put a down payment on her and Dillon and I picked her up the next day.

Was it sort of impulsive? YES.  But I had made up my mind. If you know me at all, you know it takes me a very long, agonizing time to make up my mind.  But when I finally do, I need to do something about RIGHT AWAY.

I may have just gotten off from a busy summer.  I may have been a little bored and wanted someone to play with.  But I don’t care!

There is something about caring for a creature that depends entirely on you.  It takes the focus off your worries, makes you appreciate the little things, and for some magical doggy reason, makes you realize everything is going to be okay.

So this blog is for Latte. I just want to say thanks.  Thanks for making me realize I am somewhat capable at being a maternal person, and hopefully able to take care of you with my crazy-life-actor-schedule.

She’s two months and 15 days old.  And yes, of course, everyone will get their turn to see her.  🙂