what I’m lovin’ these days.

Here’s a run-down of some stuff I’m loving these days. 

  • I waved to Vanilla Ice’s kids over facetime the other day.

    Vanilla Ice. In case you wondering, he still looks the same.
  • The last audition I went to went smoothly and involved producers attempting to say my name with an Irish accent.
  • Old friends.  It’s amazing how the people who have known you the longest always know: what to feed you (vegan burgers), what to say (yes i DID change my hair…again), how to shift the mood (laughing is the best medicine).
  • cleaning.  NO, not cleaning for the hell of it, but for the purpose of it.  I’m in the beginning of a huge transition in my life, and I find removing, dusting, and giving away “stuff” that is no longer needed anymore to be a very satisfying experience.

    um. I haven't been using these products at all for the cleaning I'm describing. But I fooled you for a second!
  • Breaks.  As you may have gleaned from previous entries, I am a workaholic.  I have been luxuriating this month in activities I don’t normally take a part in (thank you boyfriend and sister).  Day trips, beaches, kayaking.  It’s the small breaks that recharge you…”Less IS more!”  I’m learning, gang. I’m learning.


  • there's no "fun" in stress!

    True Blood.

  • I heard Adam Sandler improv during a scene and managed to keep myself together until “CUT” was yelled.  I love both Adam Sandler and myself for this.
  • I’m working with talented actor friends this month on two different films and I couldn’t be happier!

What are YOU lovin’ this month?  Throw down a couple items, I’d love to hear about it.  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “what I’m lovin’ these days.

  1. First, I am loving you!! You are such a light in this world and I am better for knowing you. Second, I love living in a place of gratitude. Over the last month I have attempted to start each day in a place of gratitude and peace. It has been and continues to be wonderful for my soul. Thanks for asking Casey!

    1. And I am loving YOU, Mandy! I think it is so important for all of us to sit back once in awhile and be grateful for all that we have in our lives. I don’t think life has to be such a battle as some make it out to be at times. Thanks for commenting!

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