Kick ass by doing less.

You have to weed out the old to make room for the new.

Lately it seems as though the universe has been beating me over the head with this notion.  It keeps getting reaffirmed in my career, in my relationships, and in my everyday life.

I used to think “More is more.”  The idea of only working on one project at a time, staying home on the weekends every once in awhile, sleeping in, taking on LESS… I thought it all amounted to being an unproductive person. Boy was I wrong.

The only way to really get anything done, it seems, is to do only a couple of things at a time and to do them well.  I used to think I could do EVERYTHING and accomplish it with my own personal splash of excellence.  It’s taken me awhile, but I’ve finally realized that not only is that not entirely possible, but it wipes me out to be so busy and it’s not really conducive to keeping up with the crazy lifestyle I already have as it is.

So this summer, I came up with  a new resolution.  Except, it’s not really a resolution, but more of an extension of my NYR from January which was to “be more awesome.”  Ahem.  Let me cut to the chase.

I am doing less to accomplish bigger goals.

Phew. I said it.  For someone who is such an overachiever, this is one of the hardest things I’ve had to make myself do in a long time.   To move ahead, I really need to take big risks.  Risks are scary, but they are the only way to move ahead in this life.

So here’s my plan.  I’m only going to go for projects that mean something to me and are worthy of my time.  I’m going to enjoy life in between projects and take the time to “smell the flowers.” (And NOT beat myself up for chilling out once and awhile).  I’m going to ask for help when I need it. (So…hard!) 

This past weekend among the festivity and quality time spent with those close to me, I realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who love me and support what I do.  Sure, maybe a lot of my close friends live far away, and not all my family is close by. 

But it all came full circle for me recently when I found myself stuck in the middle of a painful interaction with someone and all I could keep thinking was, “This is negative!  I can’t relate to this person!  I don’t like this.”  And THAT my fellow blog-readers, is OKAY. 

I can’t waste my time on people, projects, and routines that are only going to keep me stuck in the mud. 

It’s time to clean out the closets, weed out the ol’ garden, put on a sparkling smile, and kick ass… one…step…at a time.

PS I would like to challenge you to do the same.


3 thoughts on “Kick ass by doing less.

  1. I am glad you qualified your 2011 resolution with “More” because I knew you in 2010 and you were ALREADY awesome! I love reading your blogs Casey, it helps to not miss you so much. Happy to hear you are enjoying your life and all it has to offer!

    ❤ Mandy

  2. Actually, studies have been done that show that adults who multi-task get less accomplished than those who take on projects one at a time.
    As for taking time to smell the roses – life is short. (How’s THAT for a cliche?) The beauty in life is all around you in the people and the nature that fill your days. What an absolute WASTE if you can’t take the time to really, really, REALLY appreciate them!
    As for cleaning out your closet and getting rid of the waste that bogs you down: I hope, when the dust settles, that I have not been thrown into the recycling bin!

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