Inspiration to be BRILLIANT!

In college, playwright, professor and overall awesome person Michael Bradford used to say to us “You all are so lucky.  You get to do what you love EVERY. DAY. Most people in the real world don’t get to act, direct, or design every day. But you do.”  And we’d all sigh, and lament behind our desks, dressed in sweatpants and smart-ass responses.

Here’s the thing…he was right!  Of course, graduating from college is great, and being on your own and all is…great. ahem. BUT it’s true.  the emphasis in college is on the craft, not on the business.  I’ve definitely learned the business side on my own, but that’s not the point.  The point is, we were invited to be imaginative, creative, and taught to find inspiration from past events in our lives, people we met, and the environment surrounding us.

When you get out on your own, sometimes it’s trickier to be inspired on your own.

Recently I sat down with a professor from college and two of my classmates from my Acting Class.  We weren’t really getting together for any other reason than to catch up.  Thomas, Glen (my classmates), and I have done a pretty good job at staying in touch.  But Ms. Jean had a ton of questions for us. What were we doing?  How were our social lives?  Were we happy?  What was our focus?

We talked about acting, theatre, film, politics, love, everything really.  It was only a span of a couple hours, but something happened.  We became inspired.  It made me realize that a lot of us had probably taken a lot of the creative energy that we were always surrounded by for granted.  At the same time, it was wonderful to meet up with people I’ve known for a long time and just talk about what’s making us tick these days. 

Thomas, Ms. Jean, myself, and Glen

I walked away from the lunch feeling very good about how far I’ve come since I graduated, but also with a sense that I have a very long road ahead of me.  It’s exciting and scary, all wrapped up in one. 

A couple days later, I get a call from Glen, and it turns out that he and Thomas want me to help out with their next project.  I’m very excited, naturally.  And the word Glen used to describe the meeting of the four of us?


No matter what you do, or what field you’re in, I challenge you to find ways to become more inspired.  Feel like you’re in a rut?  Maybe an adjustment is needed.  A new environment, a break, a new group of people, whatever it is, find ways to break up your routine. You may surprise yourself.

What inspires you, blog-readers?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration to be BRILLIANT!

  1. What inspires me is people. I am an observer of people, and they never fail to surprise me. Looking back at the fifty-eight years that have been granted to me thus far, I realize that, for the most part, I have done pretty much what I have wanted to do with my life. And that, somehow or another, always involves a form of writing. And what inspires me to write? People. People are what fire me up, and they are what keep me loving my existance.
    In the end, it is not what I know that makes the difference in my life and makes everything worth while; it is WHO I know. I always remind myself every single day how important the people in my life are to me, and I never miss an opportunity to tell the people I love that I love I love them…no matter HOW weird that makes me look! (Love you, kid!)

    1. I agree, Jim! There is nothing I love more than meeting up with an old friend, or making a new friend, and having an uplifting conversation that makes me feel like I can do anything! I even enjoy reading about people I don’t know and being so moved and grateful that my life is the way it is…and that I have control over my own happiness 🙂 And I love you too!

      1. I like what you said about having control over your own happiness. In this victim-oriented, lawsuit ladened society, it is refreshing to hear somebody enightened enough to understand that!
        I believe that, for the most part, we create ourselves, and we also create our own realities and outlooks. Like most of us, I am a soul who could wallow in self-pity for the wrongs done to him in his p-past. But what a dreadful and depressing life that would be!
        More people could use your effervescent attitude and extremely positive and sparkling outlook on life! Good for you, Case!
        I hope you always continue to be grateful, and to know that you are at the helm of your own ship!

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