A highlight reel, if you will. I’m an actor, so that’s a pun.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about this afternoon.

So this is going to be more of a HIGHLIGHT REEL of the past week…things that really “stuck out” for me.

  • People at CPTV trust me enough to let me train someone new.  Great new temp, really funny, a musician, wears bright orange on the same days as me: WIN.  Me having him log into the database all by himself and apparently breaking some sort of security rule: FAIL.
  • Pick up rehearsals are hilarious when actors don’t show up…I’m acting to an inanimate ghost-like space! I’m acting… acting like a MIME would if she could talk!
  • Not having a performance this past Friday night made me feel like I was getting away with something…like snagging a chocolate chip cookie from the cooling rack. (You know, at home. I don’t go around stealing cookies at local bakeries).
  • Saturday night I had to pretend to hug an actress onstage extra hard so I could reach around her back under her shirt and switch on her mike. Nobody noticed: WIN!
  • This last show, closing on a matinee, sort of made me hate matinees less. SORT of. By some kind of fluke, there was lots of energy and a great, attentive audience.  Don’t get any crazy ideas, future matinees in life.  I’m watching you.
  • I answered a phone call yesterday re: a WNPR broadcast that clearly upset a woman.  She LITERALLY SAID, “Let me tell YOU what I WISH UPON ALL OF YOU THERE, young lady. (intake of deep breath) I hope you all get sick when you’re old and no one is around to take care of you.”
  • During our second talk-back for Deana’s Educational Theatre today, fellow actor Tim Hoover asked the audience of second graders, “What was the character afraid to be called at school?”  The correct answer would be “Tattle Tale,” but one little girl answered with, “Easter Bunny.”

I am delirious on very little sleep, but I made sure to take a huge swig of Starbucks House Blend, so we’ll see how this works out.

P.S.  I love the Berkshires!  I miss my Berkshire Theatre Festival crew. 🙂

Below is a random photo from the CPTV vault.

Allegra Itsoga, myself, and Jennifer Pratt, getting our zen / swordage on at CPTV.

Be well, friends.  Have a highlight-filled week.

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