I play make believe for LIFE

“So, what do you do?”

“I’m an actor.”

I don’t know how often the average person gets asked this question, but it has a whole new meaning in a world of temping.  When you go to a new job as a temp, people expect one or more of the following judgments to be validated when they meet you:

-you’re  a student in school

-you’ve been fired

-you don’t know what you’re doing in life

-you DID NOT go to school

-something is wrong with you

Luckily, I don’t fit any of these categories…I think.  But it’s always really interesting to see people’s reactions when they find out you’re an actor…living in New England…who works in major cities, and also somehow manages to make a career out of it.

This is proof of me working on a film set as an actor.


I like to play games with my sanity and other’s when I first meet them at these jobs.  Sometimes it’s receptionist work, sometimes it’s filing, or data entry, or answering phones, or running ridiculous errands.  But I don’t say much.

Something funny happens when you don’t say much about yourself.  People start to wonder.  They pay attention to what you wear, what kind of phone you have, who you’re laughing at in the office.  They’re like “WHAT IS YOUR DEAL!?”

Par example.  I recently worked at a medical office and I was able to withhold information for a good 4 days or so.  Then it happened.

Supervisor, “SO Casey…are you a student?”

Me: “nope.”

Supervisor: “OH um so what are you, um when did you finish school?”

(SNAP he’s freaking out, what’s going on?  Maybe she’s really dumb and couldn’t get into school!  What was I thinking!?)

Me “I finished a few years ago.  I went to school for Acting. I’m an actor.”

Now this is where the conversation can go one of three ways.  The person either thinks that’s super lame and you’re delusional thinking that you can make a career out of that, or they think you’re not REALLY an actor at all and like to lie, OR they think it’s really the coolest thing since toasted, sliced, pb&j’d bread.

He thought I was pretty damn skippy (get it?)

“OH NO WAY!  What have you done?”

Internal sigh from me.

“Oh, commercials, theatre, tv, indie films, you know.”

“Great. wow. That is. That is really interesting. Do you have any videos online?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Hey everyone, Casey is an actor. Come look at this donut commercial she did!!”

And then I saunter on back to my tedious filing with a bit of a smirk on my face.  Because for the rest of the day, as well as the rest of the assignment, people will make jokes such as, “Have a good weekend, see you on the big screen!” or “Well if it isn’t our little in-office movie star!”  And about every week or so they’ll ask me what projects I’m working on.  Then I realize I’m really glad that I told them about myself, because it’s a constant reminder that I DID go to school, I AM doing something with my life, and I am  AWESOME for not giving up.

Also there is a very distinct possibility these people will google me, and being vain I kind of giggle at that.

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