Actors supposedly hate auditions.

It wasn’t always this way.
Let’s go back to high school.  I was…an overachiever.  National Honor Society (secretary), the yearbook editor, newspaper writer, a member of a ZILLION clubs, and I would start hyperventilating if my GPA dipped below 3.95. (I won 16 awards senior year. Not that I was keeping track).
So when I went to college for acting (surprise, Mom and Dad!), I approached it the same way.  Like a psycho.  Before auditions I would tremble and have trouble breathing and get into the room and just feel the judgment leaking out across the floor, slowly suffocating me like the watery depths that drowned Ophelia when she succumbed to insanity.  Luckily 2-3 minutes for a monologue is not nearly enough time to asphyxiate from acting.  Ya know, I always really had to pee after auditions.  Oh sorry TMI.
Awww…Here’s a picture of my UCONN Acting Class.  Here we were about to rehearse for “The Bacchae.” I played Dionysus  with two other ladies in my class. HOT.
Anyway, after graduating college and spending a few months training at the Berkshire Theatre Festival, I came back home to Connecticut and started to realize that I needed to “get out there.”  That meant…AUDITIONS!
So I went crazy (do you notice a pattern here?) I auditioned in state out of state here there and everywhere.  I began to realize something.  I was auditioning for people.  You know?  People who have dogs and cats and eat breakfast in the morning and laugh at shows at tv and have families and spouses and children and you get the idea.
They were friendly.  They were calm.  They were not evil villains.  They were not going to shoot me in the back after I said “Thank you,” and walked out the door, laughing meniacally.  Nope.
THESE PEOPLE WERE AWESOME.  I realized auditions were SO FUN.
Why Casey Thinks You Should Love Auditions, Too

1. You get to Act.
2. Think about it THIS way:  The CD’s, producers, readers, etc. are stuck there listening to you for 2-5 minutes.  It’s YOUR TIME.  See?  You already have the upper hand and that should make you feel good about life.
3. You probably won’t have to do a monologue.  Like I’m 99% sure you won’t. Give me a high five.
3A.  You get to do a cold reading!  I love cold readings. I love improv. If you don’t love these things then skip to 3B.
3B.  You get to look at a few pages of a script at a time.  You’re so awesome and classically trained (or naturally brilliant) that I bet you could *gasp* memorize it if you really want to, and pick a few really strong choices and rock it out like Vampire Weekend.
4. After the audition, you get to do what you want!  Or at least, that’s how I play it.  When I have meetings or auditions in different cities around New England or the country, even, I make a point of always making sure I have something really fun to do afterwards. I call up friends in the area and just chill out.  I always give this advice to ANYONE who is nervous about auditions.  This takes some of the pressure off, or can even motivate you to think, “I’m gonna kick ass at this audition today, and then I’m going to celebrate by calling up so and so and going out for lunch.  or a snowball fight. Or something epic!”
Example:  Drive down the 101 in Los Angeles and take a horrible photo, like I did!
5.  With every audition, you get better at auditions.  In effect, you get better at getting jobs. SWEET.
Five isn’t really a reason to love auditioning, but it is a result of loving it.  Also, five is one of my favorite numbers, and it seems like a good amount of items for a list.
PS.  Black Swan – STUNNING.  So disturbingly beautiful.  And the ending was exquisite.  It made me sigh a huge breath of relief.
And 127 Hours!?  Disgusting!!!  Okay beyond that, such a touching film really.  Wonderful soundtrack.  I love that James Franco is always trying new roles and going against the grain….or bedrock?  HA…ha.
Good night!

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